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Native American Tribal Thanksgiving Feast

Native American Tribal Thanksgiving Feast Table

I absolutely love the idea of Thanksgiving. It really is for everyone. We’ve all got something to be thankful for, regardless of our beliefs; I simply can’t think of a better reason to come together and celebrate!

Living in the U.K. I didn’t exactly grow up with turkey day. Well, perhaps I did, except we called it Christmas and while our festive turkey may have also been paired with cranberry sauce and stuffing, there were no marshmallow sweet potato casseroles or pumpkin pies in sight!

Native American Tribal Thanksgiving Feast Table

I knew that Darren was the one when he told me that he’d just cooked Thanksgiving dinner for 21 friends. Bear in mind that we hadn’t even met in real life at this point! I realised that not only was this boy as crazy as me, he was also the perfect excuse to FINALLY celebrate Thanksgiving. He might be Irish, but since growing up in the States he’s always celebrated. Their house is probably the only one in Ireland with pilgrim fall decorations!!

Last year we had a quiet one, introducing me to the classic Thanksgiving traditions, the food and fun but this year we’re going all out.

Native American Tribal Thanksgiving Feast

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Choosing the Thanksgiving Theme

Now I’ve done a bit of research and from what I can gather, the essence of Thanksgiving stems from the first time the pilgrims and native Americans broke bread and feasted together. So, inspired by all the boho baby showers and tribal birthdays popping up all over Pinterest, a Native American theme seemed just perfect.

Decorating a Tribal Thanksgiving Feast

The great thing about a tribal boho theme is that there is SO much you can do – almost so much it’s overwhelming. My mood board was bursting at the seams with this one!

It took me ages to choose a colour scheme – I started off planning for pink and navy, inspired by some boho patterned fat quarters I bought while ago. Eventually, I decided it wasn’t autumnal and warm enough so I scoured Pinterest and came up with a teal and copper palette – teal adding a pop of colour and copper lending a sophisticated orange tone that wasn’t orange (I hate orange!)

Native American Tribal Thanksgiving Pumpkins

Native American Tribal Thanksgiving Garlands

Those of you who’ve been following along for a while probably already know how much I love making my own decorations!! It’s so great having the ability to dovetail everything to your theme. Here’s the lowdown on what I whipped up:

  • The garlands I made using my Cricut Explore machine. You can find out how I created them by reading this post.
  • I made the ‘Give Thanks’ sign from a wooden plaque I found in the discount store. It took a while to sand off the existing text but after that, it was easy to print a vinyl stencil on my Cricut and then paint over that with white acrylic paint. A grand total of £3!
  • I bought the cheapest cream bed sheet I could find and used acrylic paints to potato print a tribal pattern. I didn’t even need to finish the frayed edges as this added to the rustic look. Ta-da! Table runner for £2.50. I threw this over the hessian cloth I bought for my Backyard BBQ in the summer
  • Pumpkins are such a huge symbol of autumn, I wanted to be sure to incorporate them somehow. As well as including a real pumpkin and a woven rattan one, I painted faux styrofoam pumpkins to match my colour scheme and tribal theme. Find out how by reading my post on tribal pumpkin decorating ideas.
  • The drinks were decorated with a string of beads threaded onto twine. I added a mini paper feather and a matching blue paper straw to finish them off. Grab your FREE feather template from my free resource library (get your password by signing up here)

Native American Tribal Thanksgiving Drinks

Native American Tribal Thanksgiving Caramel Apples

I turned the caramel apple sticks into little arrow tails! All I did was cut out thin arrow shapes using my Cricut and then hot glued them evenly along a toothpick.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m showing a random act of kindness to YOU, my readers. You can download the templates or .svg cut files for these mini arrow tails by simply clicking here. No need to even subscribe!

The possibilities with these are endless – use them in caramel apples, cocktail sausages, meatballs, doughnut holes, fruit skewers, anything you can spear!

Native American Tribal Thanksgiving Feast

Cooking up a Tribal Thanksgiving Feast

As with most of my parties, the food was the main focus – pretty much a given since it’s Thanksgiving. Here in the U.K., we celebrate Harvest festival in the church and schools, collecting food for those in need. We are so lucky to have food on the table, it’s no wonder that we have dedicated time for reflection on both sides of the pond.

Native American Tribal Thanksgiving Feast

There’s no better way to celebrate food than through food! Here are some of the highlights of the feast:

To begin…

  • Cheesy stuffed garlic mushrooms
  • Parsnip, potato and Parmesan tarts
  • Mini cornbread muffins

The main event…

  • Traditional roast turkey with cranberry sauce
  • Stuffing and roast potatoes
  • Sweet potato casserole with marshmallows
  • Green beans with almonds

A sweet finish…

Native American Tribal Thanksgiving Pecan Pie

Native American Tribal Thanksgiving Cherry Pie

Get the Tribal Native American Look

If you’re looking to host a similar tribal boho party or just love one of the products I’ve used, here’s a list of all my sources.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about my friends across the pond – after all, the great US of A is where Thanksgiving originates! Here’s a list of similar products you can get your mitts on.

Native American Tribal Thanksgiving Feast

I can’t wait to come together with my loved ones next week – I’m lucky enough to be hosting both a family and Friendsgiving! The most important thing is not to lose sight of the whole reason behind the holiday, something that’s oh so easy to do with all the food and fun. So, tell us below, what are you thankful for this year?

I’ll go first. I’m so incredibly thankful for my health, my soulmate and my family – without them my life would be unrecognisable. I’m also so grateful to you, my readers, for sticking with me on this crazy, rollercoaster blogging journey (which let me tell you – isn’t easy!) What are you most grateful for?

I hope you all have a very happy holiday with your nearest and dearest. Don’t eat too much 😉



This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

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