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Frosty Winter DIY Gin & Tonic Bar

Christmas is such an incredibly busy time of year, we have so much shopping to do, work functions & parties to attend and friends & relatives to see. There really are just not enough days in December! If you’re hosting a party, it’s likely you haven’t got a whole heap of time to prep and prepare for your guests. But for sure you’re going to want to spend time with them when they descend! One of the best ways to relieve hostessing duties is to get your friends to fend for themselves. What better way than creating a DIY bar

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Festive Brussel Sprouts Tablescape (with Free Gift Box Template)

I’ve always loved Brussel sprouts. I might have pretended to hate them to fit in with my friends, but deep down I secretly liked them. When I started cooking Christmas dinner nearly 10 years ago, I discovered through Nigella the joys of cooking them with pancetta, chestnuts and Marsala and now they have an even more exalted position in my heart! This year we are spending Christmas at my family home but the season wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t host a dinner for my family during Advent. Really, it just means I end up cooking for them twice, which

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Native American Tribal Thanksgiving Feast

I absolutely love the idea of Thanksgiving. It really is for everyone. We’ve all got something to be thankful for, regardless of our beliefs; I simply can’t think of a better reason to come together and celebrate! Living in the U.K. I didn’t exactly grow up with turkey day. Well, perhaps I did, except we called it Christmas and while our festive turkey may have also been paired with cranberry sauce and stuffing, there were no marshmallow sweet potato casseroles or pumpkin pies in sight! I knew that Darren was the one when he told me that he’d just cooked

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DIY Decorations: Tribal Pumpkin Decorating Ideas (Without Carving)

Happy Monday friends! I’m absolutely thrilled to be joining such a fantastic group of bloggers as we bring you our Thanksgiving Blog Hop 2017. We’ve all taken different elements of the holidays to ensure we’ve got you covered for everything. You can kick off the blog hop by visiting Kristy at Steeplechase Manor. She is our host and organiser of these fabulous festivities! Be sure to head over to her blog to start the holiday fun at the beginning. I’m so excited to share with you one of the key elements from my Thanksgiving table decorations this year… Pumpkin Decorating

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Mini Cherry Pies with Almond Crumble Topping

The first time I made these mini cherry pies it was the height of summer. Cherry season in the UK is short but sweet, spanning only a few weeks during July and August. So, armed with a fresh punnet of succulent, juicy berries, I could think of no better way to enjoy them than baked in a buttery pastry and topped with an almond crumble. How disappointed I was. Sweet, dark cherries are divine eaten fresh, but it turns out that once cooked with sugar, practically all of the cherry flavour was lost. Never one to be defeated by a

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Dark Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie Bites

Dark chocolate bourbon pecan pie. What a mouthful (both to say and to taste!) These little mini pecan pie bites are absolutely packed full of flavour, chocolate chips and pecans. You might think that adding chocolate to this little gem of a dessert is a bit extreme. Think again! It’s the holidays, you probably only have this treat once a year so why not go all out? Plus, did I mention that these taste A-MAZ-ing? The dark chocolate and bourbon cut through the sweetness and the choc chips break up all the sugary goo. This post contains affiliate links. For

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DIY Decorations: Native American Tribal Paper Garlands (with Free Templates)

What better way to bring life to your wild boho themed party than with these paper feather and tribal arrow garlands? Paper garlands are probably one of the easiest and most versatile ways to decorate and add a pop of colour to your party! Not only is this garland perfect for my Native American themed Thanksgiving, it can also be used for birthday parties and baby showers. When I’d finished making this garland, I was pretty chuffed, so I turned to my other half Darren and with a huge grin said “look what I’ve made!” He outright laughed and asked

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Nominated for Liebster Award (& Cake Fun!)

Happy Friday! And it is a very happy Friday indeed. I’ve been dying to share some exciting news with you, but one way or another life got in the way. Everything happens for a reason and in this case, it means I get hit with a triple whammy of happiness! They say you wait for ages for a bus and then two come at once. Well in my case the buses were cakes. And two was actually three. In the space of one week, I had my grandad’s birthday, my best friends 30th, and to top it off, my mum’s

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Backyard BBQ Birthday Bash (with Free Party Printables!)

I’ve always wanted to host a Pin-stagram-worthy party. Heck, I signed up to Pinterest back when nobody had heard of it. I’ve spent years scrolling, looking at the perfect celebrations yet, try as I might, I felt mine never measured up. Last year we moved into a new flat just before my birthday and, never one to miss an opportunity to party, it presented the perfect occasion. This was it. I was going to host my themed-to-a-tee, perfectly executed gathering of friends and family!!! I’m not going to lie, it was a lot of hard work. But boy was it

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Peach & Pecan Pancakes

Some of my greatest memories are of holidays – there’s just something about wistfully looking back on sunny times. No worries of work and the whole morning just for lying in. Not always, but often, my memories revolve around food: Zebra Domes at Walt Disney World, passion fruit flavoured everything in Madiera and these… The state of Georgia in the great U S of A is famed for its peaches, so it was a no brainer whilst in Atlanta to order Peach & Pecan Pancakes! There may have been a few too many and slightly too sweet for my taste but they inspired

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